iTrended is alive!

Today is the day we officially launch iTrended, a simple service that provides detailed official Twitter Trend reports.

And what better way to launch than by being featured as a Technology partner by the Twitter Media team!

Many thanks to the Twitter Media team for their support of us, and highlighting the service.

So what’s the story behind iTrended?

The team at iTrended have been analysing and visualising Twitter trends at Trendsmap since 2009, and over the years we have been regularly asked about providing data on Twitter trends.

At this point it’s important to distinguish between the trends visible on Trendsmap and those published by Twitter. These are measured differently, and each has their own special sauce, but to be clear, the trends in iTrended reports contain official Twitter trends.

The aim with iTrended is to provide detailed reports about individual trends, enabling tangible measurement of the performance of campaigns or events.

As you can see in a sample report, iTrended goes into considerable depth. Each report lists the number and duration of trend occurances, and an interactive heatmap displaying the location of the trends.

Heatmap for #1ddaylive


Also, for each location a chart is displayed with illustrates the positions over time.

Trends chart for Cork for #xfactor


Raw data can also be downloaded as a CSV.

We have trend data going back to 2009, and can also provide additional data for more complex trend queries.

We hope that iTrended will become a useful tool for marketers, journalists, or anyone interested in Twitter trends. Now you know where to go to prove that you trended!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or feedback.


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