Time Person of the Year #TIMEPOY

Here at iTrended we like to dive into some of the big trends around the world and highlight some of the more remarkable ones.

This week we are looking at the TIME Person of the Year, which has been launched by Time and Twitter this week.

The decision is made by TIME editors, but this year everyone can put forward their vote using the hashtag #TIMEPOY.

We created an iTrended report for the hashtag which shows it has been popular in 11 countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Poland, and 163 different places.


It also trended Worldwide 15 times over a 9 hour period, with a top position of #2.

We imagine we will see a lot more activity until this closes on December 4th. You can see the iTrended report so far here, which includes charts for each places that it has officially trended.

For instance this is how it trended for Detroit:


We also wanted to see what the associated trends are for this hashtag, so created a quick Dashboard and Analytics (created by Trendsmap Solutions).

Over the last 4 hours, we’ve seen over 27,000 tweets featuring #TIMEPOY, with the main activity being in New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Al Qahirah (Egypt) and Dubai.

In terms of who is being nominated most, as you can see, it’s all about Miley Cyrus. At the time of writing she has dominated, with these being the top images over the last 4 hours.


Miley herself has chipped into the debate, with this tweet being one of the most popular over the last few hours

screenshot-by-nimbus (1)

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