World Cup draw trending around the world #finaldraw #worldcupdraw

The draw for the World Cup groups has been made, and the 32 teams finally know their first round opponents.

Predictably this has caused a number of different trends around the world, with ‘World Cup’, #finaldraw and #worldcupdraw trending in many locations.

You can see iTrended reports for these at the links below:

What’s also happening is fans are talking about the toughest opponents in their group, and some of these trends are so big they are becoming Worldwide trends.

This has happened with ‘Germany and Portugal’ (originally a US trend), and ‘Irán y Nigeria’, (originally an Argentinian trend). You can see the iTrended reports for these below:

We’ve put together a World Cup Dashboard around some of these terms, so you can see some of the most active locations, as well as popular hashtags, tweets, users, images, links and videos. This is just analysing tweets from the last 4 hours.


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